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Macintosh computers, MacOS, and software have changed so much over the years.

The microprocessor was switched to an entirely different family (680X0 to PowerPC),hard disk drives became much larger (MB to GB),monitors increased in size (from 12" or 13" to 17" and bigger multi scan) and memory expanded dramatically (from 1 - 4 MB to tens of MB or several hundred MB). More and more software and MacOS assumed that computers were increasingly powerful with lots of memory. In most cases the cost of upgrading an old machine to match the capacity and performance of a new computer actually costs more than buying a new unit, so there are few dealers who offer upgrade services.

I like to make the best use of old models. So I became interested in do-it-yourself upgrades for my home Mac LC. I knew that if I could make my Mac LC more powerful then I would enjoy using the internet a lot more.


2.LCIII-> LC475

3.Apple 12" RGB Display Modified for VGA mode

4.Put FPU on

5.Apple 12" RGB Display Modified for VGA mode (2)

Caution: Perform these modifications at your own risk.
Apple and Apple dealers won't support modified Macintosh computers or displays.

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