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I wanted to further improve my computer and searched for information about modifying the Mac LC on the internet. At that time the only examples I could find were about the LC475, LC630 and one-body LC. After reading several pages I concluded that the LCIII wasn't well suited for upgrades (*1) .Because I liked the original LC case style, I decided to look for just an LC475 motherboard and power supply (*2).

As soon as possible I went to Akihabara (*3) .I searched for LC475 motherboards and power supplies at several shops but any that I found were too expensive, so I decided to wait until the price was lower. Few days later, though, I remembered that I had seen a used LC475 at Vintage Plaza (*4) near my home, and I bought it for only 13,800 yen, which was cheaper than a mother board and power supply! I brought it home along with a used 32MB SIMM, which cost another 3,980 yen.

At first I switched only the motherboard and power supply, then expanded the memory, so the hardware was all set! Then I installed Kanji Talk 7.1 and I made sure the machine ran. After that I was very satisfied with my newly upgraded computer.

STEP2 is the configuration after this upgrade:

CPU 68020 68030 68LC040
FPU none ---> --->
clock speed 16MHz 25MHz --->
width of bus 16bit 32bit --->
max memory 10MB 36MB --->
real memory 4MB 8MB 36MB
HD capacity 100MB 160MB --->

*1: I expected only to find general upgrade information (expanding memory, replacing the hard drive with a higher capacity unit, or upgrading the CPU to include FPU), but I learned that it's also possible to increase the processor clock speed. If you want more information, please look here.

*2: It's a bad personality trait that I know I have: once I decide that I want something then I have to get it quickly!

*3: Akihabara is a well-known part of Tokyo where there are many shops dealing in electrical appliances and parts.

*4: Vintage Plaza is a shop that sells used computers and parts.

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