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It appeared unexpectedly in front of me. As system engineer, I made documents and tested programs on DOS everyday. In the world of GUI, WINDOWS was already existed but it was still unstable and we expected X windows system on UNIX.

One day a colleague took his MacintoshII from home. I looked it then became a captive to its charm. GUI was good and its operation was wonderful!! If there's a needless one, I should only put it to the trash. If I need to use, I should only do double-click. I've never seen the machine which is easy to use. But I remembered that was too expensive. I couldn't but it.

After few years our company became to deal with Macintosh (They were selling only N's PC before). Then they began to sell them to their employees on special prices. I began to examin and compare what model to buy. I wanted IIci at the point of its specification but I couldn't buy. Then I decided to buy - pizza-box style, Low cost Color model - LC. It cost about 300,000 yen with Apple 12" RGB DISPLAY and Quantum internal 100MB HDD.

After setting and installing then I started! With unique starting sound Mac World spread out before me. I enjoyed it enough with many freewares and sharewares. There were earlier arrived PCs (N's 98U2, 88mkII) but I thought LC differed from them and it was one of the fascinating tools.

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