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The configuration of the original LC is shown below:

CPU 68020
FPU none
clock speed 16MHz
width of bus 16bit
max memory 10MB
real memory 4MB
HD capacity 100MB

At the beginning of ownership I didn't notice any performance deficiencies, but eventually I became dissatisfied with

I still managed to make good use of with the help of a light English-version OS and extension manager. I often thought about upgrading it, but didn't expect the performance improvement to be worth the expense. However, after I started using a Power Macintosh 7500/100 at work I lost interest in my old, slow Mac LC.

After several more years I again became interested in the old Macintosh. A friend gave me an LCIII. I took it home and studied which parts I could transplant to the LC, because I really liked the slim appearance of the original LC case.

I found many differences between the two computers. The size of the mother board, the cooling fan and speaker were mounted, and even the chassis itself was different. I moved the LC's floppy diskette drive, cover, and a bolt to the LCIII. Of cource they existed on the LCIII but it was my finicky personality....

LC vs LC3

STEP1 shows the configuration of my new LC (inside LCIII), which ran programs more quickly.

CPU 68020 68030
FPU none --->
clock speed 16MHz 25MHz
width of bus 16bit 32bit
max memory 10MB 36MB
real memory 4MB 8MB
HD capacity 100MB 160MB

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