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My name is Cozy.

Image of Me

I asked Ueda,Osamu to write an illustration belong the theme, "a finickey man aged 40".

A driver on a hand, a ST tube around there, a glasses slipped off, a look to listen at a music, a body shape isn't thin. I think all images fit me.

Thank you, Mr.Ueda!

BIRTHDAY November 1, 1958 (Scorpio) So now I'm 52 years old.
CHARACTER maniac, keeping own pace, hardworking
PECULIARITY a lot of hobbys, forgetful of unpleasant things overnight
OCCUPATION sales of cameras and retoutch photos
ADRESS Tokyo, Japan
HOBBIES car maintenance, making audio device, enjoying music, badminton, swimming, golf, karaoke(singing), Macintosh, cooking, billiards & aquarium, playing guitar
CAREER Elementary
I wasn't good at sports so I was kept in till the end because I couldn't jump over a box horse. But I liked swimming so I tried hard.
Junior high
In the 7th grade I began to listen to the radio at midnight. Mainly I liked popular music. In the 8th grade I began to to fool around audio. In the 9th grade I joined the rock band then I found out about hard rock with a shock.
High school In the 1st year of high school I began to play badminton. In high school I studied natural sciences. My most favorite subject was "earth science". During the 3rd term of the 3rd year was the first time that I bought two jazz records. I admired jazz.
Jobless (1) I was studying for the next chance to enter a university for a year.
University I entered the department of law of the faculty of law at Keio university. In these years I studied hard because I was interested in law. But on the other hand I often played billiards and mah-jongg. Once I had a part time job at curry shop for a short time. Last two years I used to spend my time at jazz coffee shop. Then I graduated from the university.
Jobless (2) I was studying for obtaining a qualification for three years. In those days I made a 8-bit computer system and transplanted CP/M to it. Then I had a good time playing ZORK which was a game with no graphics.
Member of
society (1)
I started to work as a computer system engineer. I married at 28. Usually I was using MS-DOS computer for work but bought a Macintosh computer because I preffer it! In 1993 I purchased a car named LEGACY by SUBARU. I resigned there after working 10 years and one day.
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society (2)
I took the present job.

about My Computers.

Apple Mac mini CPU:PowerPC G4, Clock:1.42GHz, RAM:1GB, HDD:80GB+320GB(FireWire), DVD-R:PIONEER DVR-K06, OS:Mac OS X 10.4.9
EIZO L565 17" LCD Monitor
Canon iP7500 Inkjet Color Printer
EPSON GT-9800F 3200dpi Scaner
SIGMA CRS5XDGM USB2.0 11in1Card Reader
NTT EX a rental ONU
corega BAR SX Broadband Access Router
Apple iBook(Tangerine) CPU:PowerPC G3, Clock:400MHz, RAM:544MB, HDD:40GB, CD-RW:TEAC CD-W216E, OS:MacOS X 10.3.9
Apple Power Macintosh G3 (Blue and White) CPU:PowerPC G4, Clock:500MHz, RAM:1GB, HDD:120GB(Ultra ATA/33)+180GB(Ultra ATA/133), OS:MacOS X 10.4.9
- Self-made machine CPU:AMD Athlon 64X2 3800+, MB:MSI K9AGM2-FIH, RAM:2GB, HDD:320GB(SATA), OS:WindowsXP MCE
Logitec LCM-T157A/S 15" LCD Monitor
KENSINGTON PocketMouse Wheel Mouse
ALPS MD-5000 Micro Dry Process Color Printer

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