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D type CatalogueAt first I rode used Honda CIVIC then I had ridden TOYOTA CARINA ED about 4 and a half years.

I was serching a new car with my wife.
After talking with her we got the following requirements to it.

  1. Heavier Load
  2. Flatter Back Seat
  3. More Clearance Over the Head
  4. Bigger Windows
  5. Reasonable Price

My sister and her husband had NISSAN Avenir 2.0si: in those days (Now they have HONDA ODYSSEY). Every time we were picked up by them, we felt that car was useful so we made up our minds to choose a station wagon.

Nominated station wagons were Avenir(NISSAN), CALDINA(TOYOTA), ACCORD WAGON(HONDA) and SUBARU LEGACY.

We carried out a further examination of comparing them by catalogs and trial rides. It was amazing she made the size table of human space about them! After all, we came to a conclusion that Avenir and LEGACY met the requirements from 1 to 4. But there was a problem.

"If we choose Avenior, our car will be same one as my sister's, I think it's a prosaic decision (but in this case, discount with trade-in was highest!)."
"About LEGACY, it's a brand-new model, so there is no discount. What can I do?"

Then I got the information that there was stock in old model LEGACY (At that time I knew this model was called BF, and new one was called BG.), and they could give me a discount on it. Then I went to a dealer for checking a real one.

"......It's fine!"

I thoght Old one had a sharper outline and a neater rear-style than new one.

"I'll decide to buy this!"

So, LEGACY (BF) occupied all my mind, and I began to choose a grade. The salesman at the dealer recommended VZ typeR (MT) (Later I thought I had had better to choose this!) but I rejected it at that time because I guessed Footwork from WRC -> too Hard -> not comfortable! from my lack of knowledge about a car itself. And I rejected GT too. The reason was as follows. I would take my car to my office daily, it was about 35km each way. The running cost was important for me, but GT could't use regular gas! And its price was over our budget.

Finally we made up our mind to buy VZ (AT).

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