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[ Electrical ]


HornIt's the electric parts which I fingered by myself at first. I use MITSUBA Alfa Horn. Before I installed it in the narrow space where it was with few stays but now I moved it to the back of a grille because it was inconvenient to exchange a bulb and adjust a llighting center.

Now like this.

Wiper Blade

I use the wiper blade with a fin by PIAA. Now I change the rubber to GARACO's for the glass coat for repeling water. The rubber edge doesn't sound as same as PIAA's. And I use the wiper stand for taking care of the rubber edge.

Ignition Wire

There was no trouble but the mileage was about 75,000 km so I exchanged the ignition wire as an insurance. I wasn't interested in the genuine one and I bought ULTRA Power Silicone Ignition Wire (P/N:2341-10, for DOHC) made by Nagai Electronic Inst.

There are two way of ignition system on LEGACY. The first is a type that as same as other product, the ingnition coil raises its voltage and distributor divides it then ignition wire connect that to plugs. The next is a type that at first distributor divides it and the wire connect that to a coil above a plug then that coil raises its voltage finally it sends to a plug (Its system is called at Direct Ignition). The first one is a kind of product occured by cost down but you must notice that the wire for the first type is only selling now!

About the impression after exchanging I can't feel the increase of 3.8 horsepower (For that isn't my purpose about doing it, I don't mind). But idling on start is stabilized immediately. And the engin response with the accelerator becomes good a little.

Head Light Bulb

I had used PIAA ion bulb for some time but one day it broke so I treated myself to PIAA plasma blue bulb. After putting it on I felt it darker (especially on rainy days). Then I found the comparison article on a magazine about high wattage bulb. According to it PIAA's wasn't so light and POLAG MAX WHITE was very light (POLARG is the relative company to KOITO). Soon I went to the parts shop and I bought it though it was more expensive than written on that article. When I went home I attached it then I thought it was differ from the one at the article ........ so I looked at the package carefully and I dicovered the name of MAX BLUE. I was shocked! I wanna lightness than appearance.


The light is so blue but the bulb itself is orangish. I put POLAG to the right and PIAA to the left then I took a photo on trial. You can know the difference clearly. I think lighting center is differ too. It was unpopular in my family as they were in a haunted house........ So I'll change it to another one soon (What a waste of things!).

Finally I chose RAYBRIG Racing HYPER HALOGEN(equal with130/125W class). Its color is near normal bulb. I feel it's very bright! Is it the best way because it's cheap (discounted, 3,980 yen)?! But after a half year it broke.

Head Light BulbNext I bought POLAG's EUROPEAN WHITE. Now I keep on useing it and I'm satisfied. Though it's white but brighter than PIAA's.

Rader Detector

I bought it for 6 or 7 thousand yen at the bargain sale. I've never been helped by it.... For I didn't want to wire it at the surface, I wired it under the trim of the front pillar and connected it to the wiring of cigar lighter directly.

Rader Detector2[2001.7.27]I bought a new one because it had new detecting function and it was cheap. I like buying doubtful goods....

This one can work on solar battery. I put it on dashboard.

....And there is no gain about detective ability against the old one. I hope that a rader detector with GPS will be cheaper int the future.

Car Audio

I couldn't be satisfied with the genuine audio system. The Kenwood system which set to VZ typeR may be good but I don't know about it. After reading some atrticles I bought ALPINE TDM-7535J (the center unit) because the cassette deck was good and 5907 (CD player). I installed them by myself smoothly because of the information about the bolts position and protecting the trims. But it was difficult to remove the original unit because the connector was tight and the cable was short. I can't say I make a big step without exchanging speaker units but I feel the sound is clear without additional noise before.


I was using SOLAR MOVE / ST Chemical co. for a long time. I was satisfied with its effect of removeing the odor because in the daytime soloar battery moved its fan and in the nighttime dry battery did.

But I couldn't get the expendable supplies so I bought model-changed SOLAR MOVE W / ST Trading co.. It shows "In the nighttime the fan don't move but a chemical substance absorbs the odor so you can remove the unpleasant oder in all days" but I doubted it. As I had guessed the effect was down!

So now I use it after modified as a dry battery can move its fan.

Lamp Cover

A clear lens for a combination lamp is popular nowadays. Then I can't believe but foolish men change its bulb to clear one in spite of stopping indicator! I hope that they should keep the rule about the color of indicators for the traffic safety.

After minor changing the lenses of front direction indicators turn cleared. I'm fond of the orange ones more so got the orange lens covers by B'CRAFT at the auction.


After minor changing you can't see this parts because of cost down.

It makes the effect of air conditioner stronger by avoiding that the condensor absorbs hot heat in the engin room

Parts numbers are 45109AA000(cover), 45108AA000(clips x 4).


LIGHT CONTROLLER ...... There is an article by the name of Auto DIM produced by Nagai Electronic Inst. This is a very good light controller which makes lights dark on stopping a car and makes them fully light on moving a car automatically, and there is less load of rush current. Before long I'll purchase it.

CAR AUDIO ........From my view of belonging with home audio, I turned pale when I saw the speaker cable in the car. It's too small and has high electric resistance and capacity so it'll work as the filter for the sound. The doors which are installed the speakers will cause additional vibrations. If I can do anything I'll improve here. Those are wiring the high quality cable again and deadening the door vibrations. I don't know the time to do it. I'll possibley exchange speakers at first. But if I do both of them at the same time I'll be unable to judge what contributes to the progress of the sound so I'll do it at a different time.

SOCKET AT CARGO ROOM ........I know it's useful that there is an electric socket at cargo room. BG model has it but BF model doesn't. I already bought the socket itself at Akihabara but I don't install it yet. I think it's better to use AC 100V with putting converter in too.

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