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A maintenance has two meanings. The one is a daily check and a maintenance for keeping its function up, and the other is cleaning for going on with clean condition.

DAILY CHECK AND MENTENANCE........As I always go to office by my car, I keep some checks (with air pressure of tires, level and color of engin oil, sound of engin, level of brake fluid, level of LLC and etc) in mind. I think whether you check them or not depends on how you have been in trouble. I don't know why, I've often had a flat tire, and had been stuck by the heat of engin out of limit. Once you have an experience like this, --- Prevension is better than cure --- you won't be satisfied with no checks beforehand.
Then I advice you to take a small pump (manual or electrical one) with your car. If you continue to drive with a flat tire, a wheel will be transformed as impossible to get a well-balance of weight again. I think the best way is replacing a tire with a temporary tire. But if you think that repairing the tire at gas station is good, it'll be able to move your car to there without the wheel damage by filling air with that pump. In case of me, the foot pump cost about 1000 yen is very useful.

CLEANING........Cleaning itself is going to be one of my hobbies. I bought more than ten books about cleaning or polishing before I knew it. So I could master the most theory. But it does not always coincide with practice, I feel how difficult is it to polish a car! Especially, the paint of my LEGACY called Indigo Blue Metalic color is softer one. I've heard it takes a lot of time and labor to polish and coat it with polymer from dealer mechanics. Then I often can see the LEGACY with same color becomes whitish. The above means that it's necessary to make a compromise with polishing it by myself.

Here I'll mention some goods which I used.


This is one of the cloth which you dry your car with. I've never seen the cloth having ability to dry off. You'll know this quality if you use it. At one time you can finish to dry off with it in case of waxed or coated body. The hang of how to use is that you should wet and squeeze it before use and squeeze it many times when you dry the car. Once Mitsubishi Pencil sold it, now Uni Industry do. The demerit is that there are few shops sell it.


It's one of the liquids to be able to coat a surface with a clear rezin. After use the scratches become invisible. This effect is miracle and this is my favorite one. The demerits are that it takes a long time to wipe it and is difficult to coat it evenly and the effect holds for about 3 months. But if you use compound polish, the scraches will increase as time goes by. So I think one of the clever choise to use "KIZZ" CLEAR PRO.


This is the cleaning liquied sold by SURLUSTER, a famous wax-maker. I use it for removing scraches and heavy dirts and pre-cleaner before using wax or coating liquid. I think it's good because It's easy to wipe and I can use it many times by one bottle.


The liquid for polishing made by Musashi Holts is my favorite one. I usually use the super fine type. For the process after painting and removing deep scraches I only use the fine type. If SPIRIT makes no effects then I use this liquid. It's easy to wipe, too. I think this is more easy to use than HARD2 made by Sumitomo 3M praised by professional people and the liquid for polishing made by Soft99.

(WAX made by Naturax)

After the rain the balls of water are smaller, and a gloss and an effect of repeling water hold for a longer than the case coated other wax so this is a good one I think. I didn't use it for a long time because I couldn't find this around my home. But now I found it at "Joyful HONDA" and use it! MCB(Mobil Clean Base) sells it.


I use both coating liquid and wax. Because I think which is suitable has a difference between parts of a car. I ordinarily use "GEKI" COATING by Soft99 as a liquid for coating. The reasons are that it's easy to wipe, it's often discounted and it get along with "KIZZ" CLEAR PRO. The usage and the effect is different from it, I'll use "GEKI TSUYA" CLEAR made by Soft99, too.

(Wiping Cloth)

I usually use flannel cloth to wipe wax out. But when I wipe a coating liquid and a liquid compound, I always use it. Because it's cheap (360 yen, 14 sheets within)!

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