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Lip Spoiler

This is the first parts attached to since I bought the LEGACY. At first I wavered in my choise between MotorTrend's and G-square's, then I decided to buy the first after comparing the articles. I remember that I became tense because I had never been to what is called a car shop (COCKPIT Kawaguchi), different from parts shop and dealer. At that time the manager who had BF LEGACY too taught ignorant me about anything kindly. Since I bought it, I often broke and shaved it by the step or removal parking about 4 years. I repaired it by myself every time I broke it. Then my skill of repairing and painting improved. Considering this point, it was a cheap purchase I think.

Front Grill

The manager of that shop exchanged the front grille to Brighton220's. First time I saw it, I thought it was made by STi (SUBARU TECNICA INTERNATIONAL) but there was no pink line. I felt nice so I exchanged to same grille. A customer exchanged his grille to ISUZU ASKA's. I have never known that last ASKA made by SUBARU and sold by ISUZU. For some time I used it but it was damaged by jumped small rocks, so I painted plating body color. I think it's a image of Passart Variant by VW.

Rear Under

One of the difference from VZ to VZ typeR is aero parts. From rear view VZ seemed to be high waist because there was no rear under skirt! - It is no use crying over spilt milk. - Then I ordered it to the dealer. Now I'm not satisfied with fitting because there are few gaps between skirt and bumpper. I'll put it to the bumper without gaps again.


Silver waist garnishes are too outstanding for deep colored body. So I bought black cutting sheet and cut it in measured width then put it on waist garnishes. Though the sheet was for a general purpose, it kept unhurt for a few years.

LBF Sticker

I don't like to put a lot of stickers on my car. I think the replica as a real rally car is good but I don't have the heart to do it. Now I put only one sticker on it. Now I belong the club which is called LEGACY BF CLUB (sorry, Japanese only) for the BF LEGACY owners. This sticker shows the owewr belongs the club. Though I took apart in that at Sep. 1997, I regreted late joining them.

Eye Line

I bought them put on sale at TANA's Free Market (sorry, Japanese only) by Nob. I painted them Indigo blue metaric (it was silver) and put them to the headlights. It seems to be sleepy but the line from the grille to these garnishes is good I think.


I got genuine side under skirts from KANZAKI which is the re-cycled parts shop on the network at last! I was waiting for them about 7 months but they couldn't lay in stock of aero parts so I began to give up. One day I recieved the mail about the stock in. I was very glad!

I didn't know which is better, installing them by myself or by other. Then I decided I asked professional Kobayashi car sheet metal factory for the installation becouse It needed to open 10 and more holes on a side frame member and was difficult for me. I'm surprised at that it was easy to open the holes checking the article.

Side StepThen the result is good! I think the genuine silhouette is wonderful.
It's similar to fond father!?

6 stars

The Six Stars ownerment on a rear gate must be there, I think! After minor model change they omitted it.

I painted it gun-metalic as fitting in with its body color. But I know the demerit that it's difficult to clean it.


REAR ROOF WING ........I think that the MotorTrend's or HipppoSleek's is good (Now both of them stop to sell.... Hummm).

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