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If you begin to finger your car by yourself,
you'll want to get some tools one after another.
I am surprised that I have a lot of tools!

You will think what a waste of things though I don't often use them,
but I think you'll feel sorry for you don't pay money worth it's value.

You know, penny-wise and pond-foolish!
At several cases, I can just say that your life depends on one tool......


You know these are useless! The only way to use is changing a flat tire to a temporary tire on your trip (Just I can say!) .

Checking them each, a pantograph jack is only useful because it can help a floor jack, for example, when you bolt a shock absorber up you must load the weight to the hub. But I can't use the screwdriver and combination wrenches with full power because they aren't precise so they may spoil bolts.

TONE Tools

Geting only necessary tools is a best way I think, but it needs suitable knowledge. I was not sure to choose them, I bought a suite of tools made by TONE for 19 thousand yen at Toriumi.

TONE brand is not so famous for car tools because it makes general industrial tools. Its quality is very good. Basically this suite is for a motorbike, so it includes a suite of 3/8" socket tools. These cobination wreches and screwdrivers (shaft penetration type) are easy to use, I don't use only plug socket (the size is differ from my car's) and hexagon wreches (it's too thick) . They are packed in the thin plastic case so usually I put it under the co-driver's seat.

When I bought it I think it's too expensive, but now I'm satisfied with the purchase. Then I found there was no tool to need, so I bought another tool. I think the basis is very important.

Floor Jack1 Floor Jack2

If you think over exchanging normal tires to snow tires, a floor jack is very useful. And it needs to use a floor jack and jack stands for fixing its footwork.

Then you must choose a floor jack, but it's difficult to answer with how much a useful floor jack is. About me, it costed about 7,000 yen on "for sale" at a car goods shop, so it isn't cheep one, I think. But its has less reliability than priced at 30,000 yen (the arm is shaky, particularly its action at rising high position) .

It is just important for observing rules that you must take care that you jack a car up, you must begin to work after checking the car balanced, you must put tires below the side frames, and you must use jack stands if you work under the car regardless of its price as they say.

And it's useful that you will prepair the rubber or wooden plate for a jack and racks.

Cross Wrench

It's useful for putting tires on and off. But if you buy a cheap one, you won't get benefit to use it. Mine (is cheap one too) has shallow sockets, has a gap for a bolt and is shaky istelf. So I can't use it as hard as I can. Buy a good one!


I think a suite of tools and supplies for electric parts made by Ehmon is enough. There are few suites of different price with differnt quantity of supplies. If you buy supplies after using them, they makes no difference to you. I think it's important for you that you are used to use crimping plier rather than you choose them. Before working, you should use the plier and should check the terminal crimped which certainly connect with line. I stock terminals in few film cases as a type.

Torque Wrench Big

Many people think about torque wrench as it costs too expensive though they want to know the certain torque. Here the cheap and good one is. this is a pre-setting type, can measure from 4 to 21kg/m and costs 6,980 yen!

It is sold by STRAIGHT which is one of the tool seller. it's easy to use and useful for me. But this range of measuring is suitable for a work about footwork so I want buy another one (0-11kg/m, 6,000 yen) soon.

Coil Spring Clamp

When I exchanged its coils and shock absorbers I borrowed it from Mr. Hiroaki Tanaka. I bought it for I will change them in the future. But I don't use it yet.

Pick Up Tool

Have you ever fallen a bolt or nut into the room under the hood? This tool is useful for that case. If you push red button, three claws appear on the other side and you can catch the object in a narrow space easily. TakeBeau don't need it because his arms are slender. It costs 350 yen at STRAIGHT.

Box Wrench

I only use them for a work around footwork.

Above one is sold by Koken (made by Beta!) and it's neck is bent with 75 degrees. So it can be used for the bolt on the top of rear strut. I've heard that the wrench like this is worked out because most European cars have its bolts in the depths.

Below one is made by KTC and it has a long, straight shape. It needs less power to loosen the tight bolt at the foot of the strut.

I bought them at Torumi after listennig to the enough explanation by Mr.Nomura.

Box Wrench

The left is a reducing dowel from 1/2" to 3/8". The connecting size of my sockets are almost 3/8" so I bought this at the same time of the torque wrench.

The center and the right are extension bars. Though suite of tools contains the extension bar of 150mm, I bought 50mm and 75mm bars (Both are made by Koken) because I wanted shorter one for changing spark plugs. 75mm one can use for two ways! If you put it in gently it's like a universal joint. And if you do it deeply you can tighten.

I had the explanation at Toriumi too and I admired it then I paid before I knew it.

Oil Filter Wrench

I use it for taking oil filter off and on. If you don't have it you can do it in some way, but I think that it, especially for exclusive use, is useful for you.

Spinner Handle

It's very usefull!. if you use a ratchet wrench you can't do it with enough power (it'll be out of order!). And you can't conduct less power with T-handle. In this case you should use flex handle. I bought it with 450mm length made by Koken at Toriumi (3,440 yen). I know it's very nice on real use.

DiskBreak Spreader

I can trust a tool for special use. I bought it at STRAIGHT (2,980 yen). I felt it's good to use.

Auto Body Repair Kit

It contains tree Hammers and four doming blocks and costs 3,980 yen (at STRAIGHT)! I think common people don't but it...... Cause I like to repair.

At first I will train by repairing my rough bicycle. Will I buy a dent puller on next time?

Magnetic Parts Tray

It's a tray for putting bolts and nuts on temporarily. If I kick it, they don't separate because of magnet (it's a matter of degree.....). You can choose any tray you want, it's suitable for a scatter-brained person like me (it costs 640 yen).

Torque Wrench Small

This one can measure from 1 to 11 kg/m and use 3/8" sockets (STRAIGHT, 6,000 yen). It's shorter than above one so I'm using for checking the torque of fastening a drain bolt, brake caliper pin, upper mount nuts of suspension and etc. It includes a plastic case.

Pin Punch

DO you think that the toneau cover of BF is easy to strech? I often repair it because it's sharpeless as it is. If you extract bolts you can find pressed pins in. One day I had broken the pick included cheap screwdrivers' suite. Then I was searching a suitable tool. When I was watching at the work they extract the drive shaft I was convinced "I got it!".

Originally it's used for extracting roter disk, cottre pin and etc. But I think I'm able to use it for many purpose.

Inspection Mirror

Once you try to exchange ignition plugs and wires, then you'll know you can't see the plug holes of the engin with horizontally opposed cylinders and DOHC so you must work blind. I've ever used the dental mirror but it's too small...

Therefore I bought a special tool for it (STRAIGHT, 700 yen). Its mirror can be moved flexiblly. If I fix a pen light with it, it'll be more fine, I think.

Sound Scope

After running about 80,000km, mechanical noises grow. I can hear of an unwelcome one in them... It's useful for being unable to know the origin (STRAIGHT, 1,380 yen). You can use a long screwdriver instead of it.

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